Crazy Horse Laptop Case- Black

Crazy Horse Laptop Case- Black

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This Laptop case is made from Crazy Horse leather.

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Available in two laptop sizes and two iPad sizes

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About the Leather:

This strap is Crazy Horse leather. Despite the name, it is not made from Horse, but got its name because it was popularly used for horse saddles. 

Among the advantages of crazy horse leather are durability, water resistance, significantly reduced staining issues, and of course, its unique look, which combines luxury and vintage roughness.

Crazy horse leathers are made by applying a special kind of wax to a full grain leather surface that has been buffed and smoothed out.

The type of wax used rests independently upon the leather fibers allowing the coloration of the leather surface to change if rubbed without the colors immediately reversing back.

This process of rubbing and altering the color shades is what causes the antique appearance and is exactly what the craze for this leather is all about.