Bowie Neck Strap

Bowie Neck Strap


This neck strap is 38" Long and 3/4" Wide. This strap is a great alternative to using a hand strap. There is a waxed thread at the end of the strap to loop into your camera. 

Made from Genuine Leather. Built to last. 


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About the NuBuck Leather (Camel):

Very durable leather and tends to do a good job against scratching or scarring.

Historically, the Nubuck was made from buckskin of deer or elk and was bough to the US market at the beginning of the 1930’s. At first, this new type of leather didn’t encounter much success, until the Duke of Windsor traveled on a royal visit to the United States. He was wearing Oxfords made of the new nubuck and thanks to him, the new style took off.

The Nubuck can be mistaken to suede leather due to its suede-like touch. To make the nubuck, the outer layer of the calfskin is used, then the leather has to be sanded from the outside of the skin.  The outer layer of calfskin is tougher than the inner part and therefore is stronger and will last longer than suede. However there is a counterpart to the nubuck, because the nubuck is sanded from the outside, there maybe some apparent natural imperfections of the leather. Most find that the imperfections give character to the nubuck.


Blue Leather is an unknown cow hyde. A bit stiffer than the camel leather.